About us

Shipping & Chartering GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Peter Bartels in 1982. S&C is specialised in the chartering of mainly container ships but also MPP tonnage.

The company is located in Jork, which is a small village at the south bank of the River Elbe close to Hamburg. Jork and the surrounding area is actually the cradle of the German container ship chartering market – going back to the mid 60ties of the last century.

Since 2012 Shipping & Chartering is acting as an exclusive broker for Conmar Shipping GmbH & Co. KG, which is located in Jork.

The Shipping & Chartering vision is to be one of the leading shipbrokers in the container chartering market and this is based on the know how, the skilled professional crew and the ability to cope with all kind of situations – not forgetting the ethical standard.

Messrs S&C are able to offer their clients a full service for chartering enquiries as well as for container tonnage due to their skilled and well experienced team. They can provide full market information on the container chartering market with background information due to their extensive database containing world wide controlled tonnage.

Markt informationen

Complementary to the traditional shipbroking services Shipping & Chartering is offering free research services to its clients. In addition to weekly, monthly and annual fixture reports, Shipping & Chartering is publishing weekly a dedicated market analysis report covering the European feeder market.

Shipping & Chartering is also preparing on request detailed and in-depth analysis of clients’ projects. These could be for example analysis of the Container Charter Market as a whole or single market segments. Its is Shipping & Chartering’s ultimate goal to provide up to date reliable information to its clients.



detailed and thoroughly examined analyses of customer projects

General Container market

Could be for example an analyses of the container charter markets

Special container charter market

all over and also for special segments.

Markt informationen

Shipping & Chartering's ultimate purpose is to provide customers up-to-date and reliable information.